Trouveer Associatres, Inc.

Trouveer Associatres, Inc.

Trouveer Associates, Inc. - An Experienced Physician Recruitment Firm

Trouveer Associates, Inc. - An Experienced Physician Recruitment Firm
Marion and Karen Izmirlian founded Trouveer Associates, Inc. in 1983 because we felt that the physician recruitment industry needed a more consultative approach. Our ties with the medical profession long precede our work in the recruiting industry as we had two physicians in the family and have both worked in a medical office. This has given us heightened empathy for members of the profession.

Karen and Marion As a result, we understand the importance of going beyond "the placement", by  seeking to learn as much about as possible about the needs of clients, candidates, and their families so that we are able to successfully fulfill the requirements of all parties involved. Trouveer Associates' success and growth has occurred because of our commitment to building a strong rapport with candidates and clients. In fact, over the years, we have had many candidates who have made the "full circle" by becoming clients [read testimonials]. On more than one occasion we have placed a candidate and who has then sought us out to fulfill a search for an associate several years later. In the 31 years of our operations, we have instilled this same level of dedication and commitment in every member of our staff in physician recruitment and consultation on a nationwide basis.


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