Trouveer Associatres, Inc.

Trouveer Associatres, Inc.
Experiences With Trouveer Associates, Inc: Clients

If physician recruiters were subject to the same standards of excellence as physicians, there’d only be a few companies still practicing.

This would be one of them…

“Our experience has always been favorable. Trouveer is professional in their approach and thorough in providing information and follow-up. We recommend their firm without reservation.”


“I continue to be impressed with the professionalism, patience, expertise and diligence that you and your staff have provided me. In a nut shell, Trouveer produces results. I would highly recommend you to any prospective client.”


“I have had the great pleasure of working with Trouveer on three occasions in my career. The first time was directly from training. The second was in furthering my career as Medical Director and recently, in finding an associate as my practice has grown. I find Trouveer professional, extremely sensitive and eager to meet our needs. I plan to utilize the services of Trouveer again when I look for two additional associates. I feel assured they will find excellent applicants, saving a great deal of time and money.”

D.H.B., M.D.

“Honest and fair to both clients and candidates. Trouveer truly attempts to create a successful match, not simply collect a placement fee. They assist greatly with the evaluation of the person, not just the physician, and thus help us avoid unnecessary efforts on our behalf.”

C.J.H., M.D.

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