Trouveer Associatres, Inc.

Trouveer Associatres, Inc.
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Most clients prefer the timeliness of a retained search agreement. At this level of service, one or more members of our team is hired on a retainer basis to devote entire effort toward finding and signing an appropriate candidate. Through careful evaluation we select and present only those candidates that meet the client's specifications. Also, any candidate that is presented to you is not presented to any other client. A retainer is applied to defray the expenses of a client site visit and extensive sourcing efforts to locate suitable candidates.

Some clients, however are more comfortable with a contingency agreement. At this level of service, no retainer is applied nor is there an on site client visit. In addition, this agreement is not on an exclusive basis. Typically, half of the fee is paid when a presented candidate signs your Contact and the other half is paid when the candidate commences employment.

We also offer intermediate levels of service with fee structures and exclusivity in service in between the retained and contingency levels of service. The terms of these hybrid agreements are determined with the client.


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TestimonialIn every occasion, they have been professional, courteous, helpful and very pleasant to work with. It is my feeling that they go beyond what is expected and take a personal interest in each candidate search. I have been very impressed with their work and would highly recommend them to any physician looking for a recruitment agency.Testimonial


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